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I'd like to hear your thoughts on the current user interface for Joule, and how it can be improved. Currently, you have three things to enter, in a space that looks like this:
Show me the fans of on as a or .
You need to enter
  1. Your username. This is a text box.
  2. A site. This is a drop-down list containing all the sites we support. If you came to Joule from a particular site (say, Twitter), that site will be pre-selected. Otherwise LiveJournal will be pre-selected.
  3. You must press either the "chart" button or the "graph" button.
Let's call these "the controls". I would like to simplify them a bit. I wonder whether we should make any of these changes:
  1. "Graph" isn't much used (92% of all reports are charts), and it probably should be something you can select when you're looking at the chart rather than from the front page. So maybe there should just be a "go" or "OK" button on the front page that took you to the chart.
  2. I would like to have other options than "chart" or "graph", like a line graph showing the change in the number of your followers over all the time you've been using Joule. We could have this accessible in the same way as just discussed for the bar graph, so there wouldn't have to be three or more buttons to choose from.
  3. Perhaps the controls shouldn't be on the reports page because they clutter up the report, and it would be better just to have them on the the main page, and a link back to the main page on the other pages.
  4. Most people (93%) don't go to their page using the controls. I think what happens is that they use them the first time, and then bookmark the report page. So perhaps we can simplify further and we shouldn't have the sites box. Instead you'd just type your username and it would give you a list of charts you might be interested in. That takes a little longer for the first-time user, but perhaps it's a bit less alarming or confusing than all those controls.

Update: I have implemented 1, 3 and 4 as an experiment.  I would love to hear feedback either for or against it.
From: (Anonymous)
Last month was marked by considerable improvements in financial sphere. Not just analysts and major companies chief managers made respective comments on the matter, but influential political figures did, too.

Even Dominique Strauss-Khan, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, who is always reserved in his predictions, said on September 24, 2009 during the TV conference with members of Yalta European Strategy international forum: "The peak of the world economic crisis is over. We can already see the light in the end of the tunnel. Economies of many countries are becoming healthier already".

In their turn, world stock pitches influenced by the news of recession end and coming crisis end were marked with record growth rates. RTC - Russian stock index - became the leader of the year, its rate has doubled.

We would like to remind you that MMCIS investments analysts were some of the first to announce of the crisis end and improvement of economic situation in the investment market.

MMCIS investments published financial reports for September, 2009 show that positive tendencies continue. Thus, Fund's income for the period was 32% annual for USD deposits. Average annual profitability of deposits for 2009 is 47.44%, which agrees with the planned profitability rate. Fund's capitalization this month has increased insignificantly, though positive trend continues. For October 1, 2009, total amount of the Fund's assets was 473.99 million USD, it being 468.76 for September 1, 2009, and 444.25 million USD for August 1. So, Fund's assets increased by 30.98% from the beginning of the year, which is 1.45% more comparing to last month.

In regards of Forex, FOREX MMCIS group analysts point out the increase of activity on major world stock exchanges and increase of major currency pair EUR/USD volatility for the last month, which is the evidence of banks reviving in the market. EUR/USD exchange rate fluctuation for the period from August 1, 2009 to September 1, 2009 was between 1.4045 and 1.4445, and for the period from September 1, 2009 to October 1, 2009 - between 1.4177 and 1.4842. Thus, the range of EUR/USD rate fluctuation for the recent month increased from 400 points to 665 points, which is 66%.

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